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Fill out the form to buy 7 Slim cheap drops in Ponta Delgada (Portugal) at the official price. One of our managers will contact you to confirm the order, he will call you shortly. Payment for the order after receiving it at the post office is made only after receiving the package at your address in Ponta Delgada.

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If you want to order 7 Slim at the price of €39 in Ponta Delgada with a discount while the promotion is valid, fill out a simple order form on the website. Our manager will call you as soon as possible to arrange the delivery. You can receive delivery from the courier or collect at the post office (Ponta Delgada) in Portugal, pay for the goods on receipt. The exact price of the delivery depends on the distance from the departure city. Check the price with a company employee after placing an order on the official website.

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  • Tiago
    For a long time I have not dared to write, perhaps my review will be useful to others. I never thought that the problem of being overweight would have any meaning for me. 7 Slim helped me feel young again, I only drank one course and it felt like I had lost a dozen years! Feel free to order if you still have doubts.
  • Liliana
    I have a sedentary job and can't afford regular physical activity to keep fit, and I don't like gyms at all. In winter I usually fatten up, I bought 7 Slim to try to maintain normal weight on the advice of my mother. I was able to buy at a reduced price while the promotion is running.